Coal Ash Update

Nov 18, 2014

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014 

Credit Appalachian Voices

Coal ash is controversial and so is the North Carolina Coal Ash Commission. That body was sworn in last Friday, and in regards to who will pay for cleaning up Duke’s coal ash ponds, Chairman Michael Jacobs says everyone who uses power will share the expense. Meanwhile, Governor McCrory has joined two of his predecessors in suing the legislature over the makeup of the commission, and the state’s environmental watchdog has called Duke’s clean up protocols “inadequate.” We catch up on coal ash when Charlotte Talks. 


  • Shawn Heath – Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Duke Energy
  • Rick Gaskins – Executive Director, Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation, Inc.
  • Michael Jacobs – Chairman, NC Coal Ash Management Commission
  • Ben Bradford - Reporter, WFAE