CMS Board Looks At Costs To Get Rid Of 4:15 Dismissals

Mar 29, 2012

The Charlotte Mecklenburg School board Wednesday heard options for getting rid of school days that end at 4:15. The district expects it would cost $4 million to add enough buses to move back school dismissals to 4:00 at all 32 of those schools. Another variation that would only shift the schedules of thirteen home schools would cost about $546,000. Transportation Director Carol Stamper also proposed a no-cost option that would shift back the school days of all CMS schools by 15 minutes. CMS started the late school days this year to save money by allowing buses to serve more schools. But many parents have complained the late days make it hard to balance homework, after-school activities and family time. The school board is also weighing asking Mecklenburg County for more money to pay for teacher raises. The board votes on a budget April 10th.