Chester, South Carolina: A Small Town With A Big Gang Problem

Nov 20, 2014

Chester, South Carolina has a population around 5,500. It is in many ways a classic small Southern city. Chartered in 1840, the town has plenty of history, from farming and textiles to railroads and the Civil War.

Chester city seal
Credit City of Chester, SC

Chester also has a 21st century gang problem. On November 4th, Chester City Councilman Odell Williams was killed in a drive-by shooting. Authorities say all five suspects now charged in the killing have ties to a gang called “Roundtree Circle.”And, this is just the latest gang violence to hit the town of Chester – a teenager was killed earlier this year.  

WFAE's Mark Rumsey talks with Andre Williams, the chief of police for Chester, about the growth of gangs in the rural town.