Charlotte's Past And Future

Sep 10, 2013

A postcard of uptown Charlotte in 1963.


  Charlotte Magazine is observing its 45th anniversary by looking at Charlotte's past 45 years and imagining its next 45 years, with a pair of feature articles focusing on the years 1968 and 2058. The articles illustrate how Charlotte's past may affect its future and the change the city has seen along with the change that's still to come in the next 45 years. We'll talk with the authors of the articles, and with a historian and a planner who will remind us of our past and discuss what Charlotte may look like in the future, when Charlotte Talks Tuesday, Sept. 10. 

Michael Graff - executive editor of Charlotte Magazine and wrote The Future: 2058
Chuck McShane - freelance writer. Wrote The Past: 1968.
David Walters - architect, town planner, professor and Coordinator of Master of Urban Design Program at UNC Charlotte. 
Tom Hanchett - historian at the Levine Museum of the New South.