Charlotte Talks: What The New Budget Means For Charlotte's Police and Firefighters

May 16, 2018

Credit Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

Wednesday, May 16, 2018  

 The proposed city budget for the next fiscal year contains raises for both police and firefighters.  Police are scheduled to receive a 6.5 percent raise; firefighters 1.5 percent.  

As teachers march today in Raleigh for more pay and more respect, police and firefighters in Charlotte join us to tell us why the pay raise figures proposed in the city’s budget for next year are not enough. 

CMPD says they are having trouble attracting and retaining qualified officers because the pay scale is too low, and firefighters are upset because their schedule raise is significantly lower than what police may receive. 

We hear from representatives of both departments and from a Charlotte Observer reporter who has been covering this coming up on Charlotte Talks.

Peter Grant, member of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Fraternal Order of Police; Tom Brewer, president of the Charlotte Firefighter Association; and Steve Harrison, reporter for the Charlotte Observer.
Credit WFAE/Jennifer Worsham


Steve Harrison, reporter, Charlotte Observer

Tom Brewer, president, Charlotte Firefighter Association

Peter Grant, member, Charlotte Mecklenburg Fraternal Order of Police