Carl Tanner and Peter Francisco

Mar 15, 2010

Part One: Carl Tanner We meet a classically trained tenor who stars in the Opera Carolina production of Carmen, Carl Tanner. But his journey to the stage was not what you might call typical. Carl Tanner was a truck driver and a bounty hunter before he got his big break in the opera world. We'll hear about his unique road to his role as "Don Jose" and about Carmen itself. Guest Carl Tanner - Tenor, plays "Don Jose" in Opera Carolina's production of Carmen See Carmen March 13-20th at Opera Carolina. More information. Part Two: Revolutionary War Hero Peter Francisco Today is Peter Francisco day in several states. If you don't know who that is, perhaps this quote from George Washington himself will help, "without him, we would have lost two crucial battles, perhaps the war, and with it our freedom." He was truly a one-man army. Peter Francisco's story is the stuff of Hollywood movies and legend but few people know who he is or what he did to help the American Colonial cause, all while not truly being a free man. Francisco's direct descendent, Travis Bowman, lives in Charlotte and has set out to tell this American hero's story. He'll share it with us, when Charlotte Talks. Guest Travis Bowman - Author, Re-enactor and direct descendent of Peter Francisco Wikipedia | Peter Francisco article