Car Talk's 23-Year-Run On WFAE Ends This Weekend

Oct 27, 2017

Ray and Tom Magliozzi
Credit Richard Howard

Ever since WFAE picked up the show in the summer of 1994, Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers have brought listeners across the Carolinas an unending stream of jokes, laughter, puzzles, and - occasionally - some good car advice.

But all good things must come to an end. The final broadcast of Car Talk on WFAE will air Sunday, Oct. 29, during the show's regular 10 a.m. time slot.

Over the last month, WFAE has been asking listeners to submit their favorite memories of the show. Responses ranged from a woman named Helen who said her infant son's first laugh happened while listening to the show, to a woman named Christina who said Car Talk's cacophony of laughter helped pull her from the throes of anxiety and depression.

WFAE compiled a few of our favorite responses for this radio story. Take a listen; then check out more listener responses here.

Thanks to all who've listened and enjoyed the show over the years. If you must continue wasting perfectly good hours listening to Car Talk, you can find the Car Talk podcast and other old Car Talk episodes at