The Candy Industry

Valentine's Day is coming up and that means that men will be scrambling for the traditional gifts of roses and chocolate. A lot of chocolate. Tons and tons. Valentine’s Day is one of several holidays that has become synonymous with millions of dollars in candy sales. But candy is a huge part of our culture all year round. Confectioners sell $25 Billion worth of candy, use billions of pounds of ingredients and employ tens of thousands of workers each year. The Confectioner industry is also dominated by small and, often, family owned business. Beyond the numbers there is an intense relationship between American consumers and their candy. A relationship that impacts healthcare, the economy, and more. It’s a sweet edition of Charlotte Talks.

Clay Gordon
- Author of Discover Chocolate and the creator of
Susan Whiteside - Vice President of Communications, National Confectioners Association
Chef Geoffrey Blount - CEPC, Baking & Pastry Arts Instructor, Hospitality Education Dept. at CPCC