Candidate ME 6 - The Waiting...

Sep 7, 2017

Credit Tom Bullock / WFAE

Tuesday, September 12, is a make or break day for candidates. It's primary day after all, the day the candidate herd is culled.

What is that day like for political consultants and candidates who have to simply wait for results?

Agony is a good word for it.

We hear stories of what that's like from our favorite two political hacks.

Plus, we went to the last mayoral debate and a hockey game broke out.

This will make sense as we take a look at the strategies, political barbs and policy points Mayor Jennifer Roberts, Mayor Pro-Tem Vi Lyles, State Senator Joel Ford and City Councilman Kenny Smith employed in their last prime-time debate before the primary.  

And, we finally learn just why it takes so darn long for Mecklenburg County to report election results. Really!