2012 Democratic National Convention In Charlotte

Feb 7, 2011

2012 Democratic National Convention In Charlotte You've no doubt heard the news by now: Charlotte will be the location for the Democratic National Convention for 2012. No matter what political party you're from, this is good news for Charlotte in terms of economic opportunity and as a chance for leaders to showcase the city on a national and even world stage. We'll talk with some of the players who had a hand in getting the Convention here, and talk about why Charlotte was the best choice for organizers. And we'll talk about what this convention can mean for Charlotte in the long term. Guests Martha Kropf - Assoc. Professor of Political Science at UNC Charlotte Doug Wilson - Second Vice Chair of the NC Democratic Party Will Miller - Acting Executive Director of Charlotte's 2012 Democratic National Convention Group Joanne Peters - Spokesperson, Democratic National Committee What does this mean for Charlotte? Is this a "game changer for the city?" Weigh in... Add and read comments