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The latest forecast for Hurricane Irma has the storm's path shifting west of the Charlotte area. Meterologist Steve Wilkinson with the National Weather Service says the Charlotte region should still expect strong winds, several inches of rain, and possibly tornadoes. “You would have less of the wind around the core of the storm but you may get some of the banding on the right side of the storm which can be very, very heavy rainfall,” says Wilkinson.

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In July, WFAE’s Charlotte Talks held a public conversation on the city’s escalating murder rate. CMPD Chief Kerr Putney and other panelists talked about how there’s a lot of anger in people that has roots in their very early years. That made second-grade teacher Mechelle Vaughn stand up and say what she sees in her classroom.

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Longtime Charlotteans remember the shock of seeing streets and yards littered with untold thousands of trees, brought down by Hurricane Hugo in September, 1989. Could Hurricane Irma deliver a similar blow?

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Tuesday, September 12, is a make or break day for candidates. It's primary day after all, the day the candidate herd is culled.

What is that day like for political consultants and candidates who have to simply wait for results?

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Hurricane Irma is threatening the Carolinas during harvest time for corn and peanuts. One farmer in South Carolina is hurrying to get as much as he can out of the ground before the weather hits.

The 10-year plan includes upgrading power lines and systems across Duke's North Carolina grid.
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Electric utilities are preparing for the possibility of widespread power outages if Hurricane Irma blows into the Carolinas next week.  Forecasters say the mostly likely problem will be wind.

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A 29-year-old Hispanic man was shot and killed by two CMPD officers Wednesday night in northeast Charlotte. The man, identified as Rueben Galindo, had called police ahead of the shooting and informed them he had a gun, CMPD reports.

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The final debate before any election is always the most contentious, the most pointed, some would say the most fun.

Wednesday night's Charlotte mayoral debate was no exception. It was televised in prime time and featured just the top tier candidates running for mayor. And it came just days before the all- important September 12 primary.

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Tuesday, September 12 is a make or break day in the world of local politics. It's primary day, the day the candidates find out if they made the finals, or if they were more pretenders than contenders.

WFAE's Tom Bullock joins Morning Edition Host Marshall Terry to talk about key things to watch. 

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper is repeating calls for substantive action to be taken to stem the number of opioid overdoses in North Carolina, which has steadily grown alongside national trends in the last 20 years.