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The U.S. Supreme Court has decided not to hear an appeal seeking to reinstate North Carolina's controversial 2013 overhaul of voting laws, including  voter ID.  The decision lets stand a 2016 appeals court ruling that invalidated the law, saying it targeted African Americans.  Meanwhile, legislative Republicans are vowing to find another way revive an ID requirement for voting. 

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Charlotte School of Law students graduated Saturday, after winding down their final exams. 

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Patrick Cannon will mark six months since he was released from federal prison Monday, and since then, the former Charlotte mayor has bounced back into public life remarkably fast.

Cannon, who resigned in 2014 after pleading guilty to public corruption charges, now has his own radio show, and over the weekend, he was invited to sit on a panel and offer advice to people seeking public office.

Mayor Rudy Wright

A day after Hickory's mayor of 16 years, Rudy Wright, was found dead at his home, Wright's family has released a statement indicating that his death may have been the result of suicide.

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Charlotte School of Law students will graduate Saturday. Many wondered if this day would ever come – not because law school is so tough, but because it wasn't clear whether the for-profit school would still exist after the department of education yanked its federal loan money in December.

But Charlotte School of Law is still fighting to stay open and its graduating class will soon be preparing for the bar and trying not to let the school's troubles hurt their career prospects.

Former F. W. Woolworth Co. store in Greensboro, North Carolina, the site of a now-famous "sit-in" protest by black college students in 1960.
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The International Civil Rights Center and Museum in Greensboro may have its power cut off if it can’t resolve an $18,000 bill that Duke Energy says it owes. The museum is at the site of the historic 1960 sit-in at a segregated F.W. Woolworth lunch counter.

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Jurors found that the City of Charlotte retaliated against Crystal Eschert by terminating her because she raised concerns to a city council member about the conditions of a new city office building. 

Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, Lewis F. Powell Jr. Courthouse
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Lawyers for the state of North Carolina and three gay couples argued in federal appeals court Wednesday over a state law that lets magistrates refuse to perform gay marriages on religious grounds. At issue is whether the couples have the right to sue, even if another magistrate performs the service. 

Hickory Mayor Rudy Wright Dies

May 11, 2017
Mayor Rudy Wright

The city of Hickory announced that Mayor Rudy Wright was found dead in his home Thursday afternoon. 

City Manager Warren Wood expressed his condolences in a statement and added, "While the Hickory Police Department is conducting an investigation, at this time there are no indications of suspicious circumstances."

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The Rev. William Barber, who served as a commanding voice for voting rights, gay rights, and the equal treatment of African-Americans during his 12 years as president of the NC NAACP, has announced he will step down in June.