The Democratic National Convention was held in Charlotte Sept. 4-6, 2012. WFAE's comprehensive coverage of the event is found here.


Election 2012
9:05 am
Mon November 5, 2012

First Lady Michelle Obama Campaigns In Charlotte

Michelle Obama will be visiting Charlotte on Monday, the day before polls open nationwide.
Credit Lisa Angelo for Obama for America

Last weekend, volunteers for both campaigns knocked on doors and called voters to get them to head to the polls. There were also some big names in the area – at least for President Barack Obama.

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Election 2012
10:17 am
Mon October 22, 2012

The Week In Politics: "Unaffiliated" Voters, SuperPAC Enters Judicial Race, DNCC Funding Falls Short

There are more unaffiliated voters than ever before in North Carolina.

Early voting is now underway in North Carolina. And this year, registration data show more voters are choosing not to affiliate with any political party. One quarter of the state’s electorate is now “unaffiliated”---a rise of 21 percent since 2008. In fact, in Mecklenburg County, unaffiliated voters have overtaken Republicans. But NOT SO FAST says WFAE’s political analyst Michael Bitzer. He’s been analyzing the data, and he tells Duncan McFadyen just because people are distancing themselves from parties, it doesn’t mean they’ve changed their partisan leanings.

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DNC 2012
6:02 am
Thu October 18, 2012

DNC Fundraisers Came Up $12.5M Short

Bobcats EVP Bill Duffy hands TWC Arena keys to DNCC CEO Steve Kerrigan. Photo: Julie Rose

The Charlotte host committee of the DNC has revealed it came up $12.5 million short of its fundraising goal for the convention and was forced to tap a line of credit guaranteed by Duke Energy. 

WFAE's Julie Rose has been pouring through documents filed with the Federal Election Commission late last night and joins All Things Considered Host Mark Rumsey to share some analysis.

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Local News
9:40 am
Thu September 13, 2012

CRVA Looks To Outside Firm For 'Credibility' In DNC Study

Inside TWC Arena during the Democratic National Convention.

The City of Charlotte and several tax-payer funded agencies will pay an outside agency about $25,000 to estimate the DNC's boost to the local economy.

It's pretty standard for the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority to do a "this is how our economy benefited" estimate after major conventions. It's highly unusual for the CRVA to hire an outside firm to do it.

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Charlotte Talks
12:00 am
Wed September 12, 2012

North Carolina's Economy And The DNC's Impact

Well the smoke has cleared and the Democratic Party has left town but what sort of economic impact did they have on our community? Their convention comes just at the end of the third business quarter this year and Dr. John Connaughton will join us to look back at the most recent economic numbers and share his prediction for the quarter ahead. We’re also joined by Charlotte Observer writer Steve Harrison. He and others at the paper have been tracking visitor spending at the convention as well as the challenge of predicting the financial impact of large events in our city.

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DNC 2012
4:18 pm
Tue September 11, 2012

More Bust Than Boom For Strip Clubs

Leather and Lace strip club.
Tanner Latham

In advance of the Republican and Democratic national conventions, strip clubs in both cities invested in upgrades. WFAE’s Tanner Latham checked whether the investments paid off in this report.

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DNC 2012
9:13 am
Tue September 11, 2012

Out-Of-Towners Ask, Locals Answer On Twitter

CLTAnswers on Twitter.

Hundreds of people used Twitter during last week’s Democratic National Convention to ask locals about Charlotte. The Mecklenburg County manager’s office set up a Twitter account specifically for that called @CLTAnswers.

Need to find a parking spot, a great place to eat, or how about five synchronized swimmers for an event? Those are just a few of the questions tweeted to Charlotte locals last week. (Believe it or not, a few synchronized swimmers actually responded.)

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Charlotte Talks
12:00 am
Mon September 10, 2012

Convention Leftovers

The Democratic National Convention at Time Warner Cable Arena.

The DNC is just a memory and Charlotte is back to normal.  The politicians, the media, the stars, the protesters, the delegates have all gone home but we’re not quite done with them.  So many people were here last week – we couldn’t get to them all.  So today, convention leftovers – and tasty ones, too, from Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to Gwen Ifill from PBS to Time Magazine’s Michael Grunwald.  Those folks and more when Charlotte Talks

DNC 2012
4:47 pm
Sat September 8, 2012

Charlotte Cleans Up Quickly After The DNC

The intersection of Trade and Tryon around 9 a.m. Friday morning.
Lisa Miller

The arena has emptied out.  Lawmakers, delegates and journalists are on their way home.  By early this morning, uptown Charlotte was pretty much back to normal.

On College Street just before 9 o'clock this morning, everything was open.  Cars were moving through.  There were a few big trucks and people getting on buses to go to the airport.  This was all blocked off just a few hours before.  But things were looking normal.  There just weren't many people around. 

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DNC 2012
5:12 pm
Fri September 7, 2012

Foxx Recaps DNC2012

Mayor Anthony Foxx

The delegates and celebrities, street vendors and protesters have vanished from the streets of Uptown Charlotte.    But city leaders are basking in the after-glow of the  Democratic National Convention.   A tired but happy Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx sat down in his office with WFAE’s Mark Rumsey to recap the DNC and its impact on the city.