World War II

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During World War II, the pilots who became known as the Tuskegee Airmen were the first black enlisted men to serve as military pilots in the U.S. armed forces. The U.S. Army Air Corp created the segregated flight training program after the NAACP sued the military in an attempt to integrate the corps.

Ultimately, more than 900 pilots served with the Tuskegee units including more than 350 Airmen who served overseas during WWII. The fliers, nicknamed “Red Tails,” or “Red-Tail Angels," earned a reputation for successfully protecting U.S. bombers from German fighter aircraft. 

Briana Duggan

Seventy-seven World War II veterans from upstate South Carolina are on their way Tuesday morning to see their memorial in Washington DC. They’re taking what’s called an Honor Flight.  These flights have transported thousands of vets to DC free of charge since the memorial opened in 2004.  With an estimated 600 World War II vets dying every day, there’s a real urgency to these flights.

Vince Adametz is one vet on the flight who thought he’d never make the trip. 

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Earlier this year, Ross Walker Jr. received a letter from Germany with incredible news.

He called a reporter. “This poor old guy is probably the victim of another scam,” she thought.

It turns out that Mr. Walker had a story better than she could have imagined - a story with history, love and family…

On that first afternoon, Ross Walker Jr. sat in his easy chair in the living room of his small, neat apartment on the 5th floor of Edwin Towers, a Charlotte Housing Authority building for seniors on the edge of Uptown Charlotte