Women In White March

CHUCK LIDDY — cliddy@newsobserver.com

North Carolina DHHS Secretary Aldona Wos has had a tough week.  Last Friday, it came out DHHS violated federal privacy laws by sending nearly 50,000 children’s insurance cards out to the wrong addresses.  And then letters from the USDA surfaced telling the state it would hold back food stamp money if the department doesn’t fix problems with the program.  It’s more ammunition for critics of Secretary Wos.

WFAE’s Lisa Miller joins Marshall Terry in the studio now. 

Women March In White At National Baptist Convention

Sep 5, 2013
Tasnim Shamma

The National Baptist Convention has been in Charlotte all week for its annual session. It’s billed as the nation’s largest and oldest African-American religious convention, and organizers say it attracted people from 49 states and the Bahamas. One of the convention’s signature events was Wednesday’s Women in White March. Women dressed in white (the color of choice for missionaries) to raise money and also show off their state pride. WFAE's Tasnim Shamma produced this audio postcard from the event.

South African Ambassador

May 30, 2013
World Affairs Council of Charlotte

In the last several decades, South Africa has seen a lot of turmoil, through apartheid and new political changes since then. The US and South Africa have begun in more recent years to have a solid relationship, even launching a strategic dialogue on a number of issues, including security and trade. The US is also helping South Africa with a number of major challenges, including HIV/AIDS, unemployment, education and more. The Ambassador from South Africa is in Charlotte today, and we'll sit down with him to talk about the challenges his country faces and about the ways the US and South Africa are working together, when Charlotte Talks.

Foreign Investment Created 7,000 NC Jobs In 2011

Mar 27, 2013

North Carolina created more jobs in 2011 through out-of-state and international investment than any other place in the U.S., according to an annual report IBM produces for clients.

CARE/A. John Watson

We'll meet one of the leaders of an organization using an innovative strategy to fight global poverty. Jon Mitchell of CARE USA says that the technology that we take for granted in America, like cell phones, can be used to help end poverty in developing countries. We'll talk about the process of getting technology into the hands of the world's poorest communities and how this will help them better their situation and more, when Charlotte Talks.