NASA/Sean Smith

Nearly seven million people donned American military uniforms to fight in the Korean War.

Of those, just 145 received the highest military commendation this country can bestow…the Medal of Honor.

Saturday, at Arlington National Cemetery, the United States Postal Service, will issue a new set of stamps immortalizing a few of those Medal of Honor recipients, the 13 still alive when the series was commissioned. One of them was a man who called Fayetteville home. 

Postal Workers Fear Expansion Of Staples Pilot Program

Apr 24, 2014
Tasnim Shamma

About two dozen Postal Service employees protested uptown today because they fear more of their work will be outsourced to Staples.

The protest was in response to a comment made by the Postmaster General, in which he said he was so pleased with a pilot program with Staples that he would like to see a post office counter in all 1,500 Staples stores.

The United States Postal Service is removing 38 of its blue collection boxes and sealing up mail chutes within a three-block radius of Time Warner Cable Arena because of the Democratic National Convention.

The decision affects between 1,500 and 2,000 customers in uptown Charlotte. Those customers will have to go to the office on 201 North McDowell Street or the Charlotte Processing Facility at 2901 Scott Futrell Drive to pick up and send mail.