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5:26 pm
Sat June 28, 2014

Modern Video Games Go Beyond 'Jumping On Blocks'

Originally published on Mon June 30, 2014 12:35 pm

The video game BioShock Infinite received widespread praise for having a rich narrative packed with philosophy when it debuted last year. The game sold millions of copies.

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4:59 pm
Sat June 28, 2014

Harley Hopes An Electric Hog Will Appeal To Young, Urban Riders

Harley-Davidson riders reveal Project LiveWire, the first electric Harley-Davidson motorcycle, during a ride across New York City's Manhattan Bridge on June 23.
Neilson Barnard Getty Images

Originally published on Sat June 28, 2014 6:22 pm

Many motorcycle riders covet the distinctive growl of a Harley-Davidson — and sometimes even add extra-loud exhaust pipes to amp up the sound.

But the motorcycle maker has now rolled out a prototype bike that makes more of a whisper than a rumble. It's a sporty-looking model called LiveWire, and it's powered by batteries.

Harley-Davidson plans to take its prototype electric motorcycle to more than 30 cities over the next few months. Sometime after that, the company will decide whether to put LiveWire on the market.

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The Two-Way
11:47 am
Sat June 28, 2014

Following High Court Decision, Aereo Suspends Operations

Aereo, a Web service that provides television shows online, lost a Supreme Court case Wednesday, as the justices ruled it violates copyright law.
Andrew Burton Getty Images

Aereo, the company that lets subscribers watch TV stations' video that it routes onto the Internet, has decided to suspend its operation.

The decision comes a few days after the Supreme Court handed the company a major loss by ruling that, like cable companies, it was performing the work of television networks publicly.

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All Tech Considered
5:13 am
Sat June 28, 2014

Tech Week: Google's Plans, Aereo's Loss And Occupied Stalls

An attendee wears a Google Android Mascot hat during the Google I/O Developers Conference in San Francisco.
Stephen Lam Getty Images

It's officially summer, but there's no slowdown on the technology news front. Here's your weekly roundup of notable stories in tech, from the team at NPR and beyond.

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This Week's Must Read
6:12 pm
Fri June 27, 2014

SCOTUS On Cellphones And The Privacy Of Poetry

Originally published on Fri June 27, 2014 6:33 pm

Dear sweet privacy, where did you go? And where can we go to be alone with you again? Thanks to the Supreme Court, one answer is, surprisingly, our cell phones. On Wednesday, the Court ruled that, except in emergencies such as kidnappings and bomb threats, police can't search our phones without a warrant.

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The Two-Way
5:52 pm
Fri June 27, 2014

Norway Does A Ctrl+Alt+Delete On E-Voting Experiment

During the 2013 elections, online voting was an option in Norway. Even so, Erna Solberg, chairman of the Conservative Party of Norway, casts an old-school ballot.
NTB Scanpix Reuters/Landov

Originally published on Fri June 27, 2014 6:48 pm

After a two-year trial for Internet voting, Norway is pulling the plug.

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The Salt
5:35 pm
Fri June 27, 2014

Got Leftovers To Share? In Germany, There's A Website For That

Europeans throw away 90 million tons of food each year, including these vegetables pulled from waste bins of an organic supermarket in Berlin. A new German website aims to connect surplus food with people who want it.
Fabrizio Bensch Reuters /Landov

Originally published on Wed July 2, 2014 10:46 am

Child psychiatrist Vero Buschmann says she was looking for a way to get rid of leftovers without having to throw them away. At the same time, the Berlin resident wanted to meet new people.

She found a nonprofit website in Germany that allows her to do both. On a recent evening, her doorbell rings and she buzzes Franzi Zimmerman in to her fifth-floor apartment.

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11:00 am
Fri June 27, 2014

Chasing The Elusive 'Quality' In Online Education

You can learn jazz appreciation from a computer. But you'll never learn how to be cool like Miles Davis.
Hulton Archive Getty Images

Originally published on Fri June 27, 2014 3:06 pm

Jeff Hellmer is an accomplished jazz pianist who has taught music at the University of Texas at Austin for 27 years. He thinks of himself as more than a teacher, though: "What I would like to do with my teaching is be an ambassador for jazz."

This past spring, in what's become an increasingly common move, he brought his ambassadorship to a wider audience. He turned his popular introductory course, Jazz Appreciation, into a free 10-week online course.

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TED Radio Hour
10:06 am
Fri June 27, 2014

Why Would More Than 500 Artists Sample The Same Song?

Mark Ronson on the TED stage.
James Duncan Davidson TED

Originally published on Sat June 28, 2014 10:56 am

  • Guy Raz Interview With Mark Ronson
  • Listen to the Story

Part 1 of the TED Radio Hour episode What Is Original?

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TED Radio Hour
9:58 am
Fri June 27, 2014

Where Do Good Ideas Come From?

Steven Johnson on the TED stage.
James Duncan Davidson TED

Part 4 of the TED Radio Hour episode What Is Original?

About Steven Johnson's TEDTalk

Earlier this year, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk decided to give away his company's patents for free. It might seem like a strange business move, but Musk said he wanted to inspire creativity and accelerate innovation. Writer Steven Johnson says this is the way great ideas have been born throughout history.

About Steven Johnson

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