Skateboarders don’t have the best reputation; they often have a stigma of being anti-authority, rowdy and reckless. While the history of skateboarding might be rooted in rebellious behavior, it is also a true sport that requires practice and great skill. And right now those athletes only have one facility in Charlotte to practice their sport. But there is a proposed renovation of Bryant Park for next year’s city budget, which would include the installation of a public skate plaza. This may also help bring the X Games to Charlotte. But with all the proposals for next year and budgetary concerns, will the skate park fall through the cracks? A conversation about the skate community and what they say they need, when Charlotte Talks.

Charlotte Named Finalist To Host Summer X-Games

Apr 30, 2013
flickr/James Willamor

The X-Games may have a three-year run in Charlotte. ESPN announced that Charlotte is one of four cities being considered to host the summer X-Games for three years, starting in 2014. It's a four-day event with multiple extreme sports including BMX freestyle, skateboarding and motorbike competitions. Josh Frazier, the owner of the South End clothing and skateboard shop, Black Sheep, says the event would show a different side to the city.