Republican National Convention

FILE: Charlotte hosted the Democratic National Convention in 2012.
Erin Keever / WFAE

The city of Charlotte is looking into the possibility of hosting the 2020 Republican National Convention.

Courtesy of Joseph Knox

The Republican National Convention has plenty of new faces in the crowd this year. Donald Trump has managed to attract scores of newcomers, many of them attending the convention for the first time.

The Republican Platform And The RNC

Aug 29, 2012

Around here pretty much all the talk is about the Democratic National Convention but the Republican party holds a convention too and it starts this week in Tampa. The possible threat of hurricane conditions is not the only thing that has the convention buzzing. The Republican Party Committee has included tough language in their platform against abortion and immigration. GOP faithful hope the convention will add momentum to Mitt Romney's campaign which is locked in statistical dead heat with President Obama. We look at the news coming out of the Republican National Convention.

Pay Attention! It’s Time For Pol. Conventions 101

Aug 27, 2012

With the Republican and Democratic national conventions about to take place, it might be good to have a Convention 101 lesson. 

Don’t worry — there won’t be an exam (well, not until Nov. 6 — but there will be more study guides along the way).

First, we think of conventions as being unruly and hotly contested meetings, but unfortunately, modern conventions haven’t lived up to this historical image.