Duke Energy Looks To Almost Double NC Solar

Feb 14, 2014
Duke Energy/Flickr

Duke Energy plans to almost double the amount of solar energy its North Carolina utilities use by the end of next year. The utility has about 350 megawatts of solar in the state right now, the size of a small natural gas or coal plant.

North Carolina Utilities Commission

Over the next 15 years, Duke Energy plans to increase how much it relies on renewable energy only modestly—from 1 percent next year to just 2 percent in 2028. The utility is concentrating on natural gas.

This is part of Duke’s annual filing with state regulators, where the utility maps out how it plans to provide energy to North Carolina customers.

Speeding Around On Vegetable Oil

May 2, 2013
Ben Bradford / WFAE

High gas prices, the threat of climate change, and new technology have spurred increased  looks at alternative fuels, especially hybrids, electric cars and biodiesels. But a community in Charlotte has opted for a less conventional, do-it-yourself solution—they run their fleet on used vegetable oil from area restaurants.