This week, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear an Alabama redistricting case that could impact legislative maps in North Carolina. In fact, the Alabama case may be part of the reason the North Carolina Supreme Court still hasn't ruled on the redistricting plan here even though it heard the case almost a year ago.

Most people think that the idea of redistricting is one that has no bearing on most of our daily lives and only really impacts a small group of people. However, our guests today would argue that we are facing our third week of government shutdown because of the way many of our US Congressional seats have been redistricted and that as a result, the people who hold office in certain districts can act without a fear of not getting re-elected because of the way their district borders have been re-drawn. Our panel will talk about what redistricting is and about how to do it in a way that is fair to everyone, and what a bi-partisan group of people in North Carolina is doing to try and make what they call "fair redistricting" a law.

A bipartisan bill has been introduced in the NC House of Representatives to hand over the redistricting process to an independent commission, and thus give up one of the most important powers that any majority party has: Pre-determining which party will win each district through political gerrymandering.