Charlotte Observer
3:25 pm
Mon July 7, 2014

Airport Seeks New Vendor To Run Troubled Worm Farm, Recycling Program

Red wrigglers eat waste at Charlotte Douglas airport.
Credit Julie Rose / WFAE File Photo

The worms at Charlotte Douglas International Airport could soon be under new management, as the airport seeks a new contractor to run its recycling program.

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Local News
9:17 am
Fri May 3, 2013

Airport Recycling Begins Pay Off

Charlotte airport trash is sorted by hand in a new recycling facility.
Julie Rose

The Charlotte airport made $185,000 recycling trash from travelers and fast food restaurants in the terminal during the last six months. 

That's a fraction of the nearly $2 million it cost to set up the new onsite recycling facility, but Aviation Director Jerry Orr expects the program to break even within five years. He adds that sorting and selling recyclable paper, plastic and aluminum isn't the only financial perk of the program.

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Local News
12:43 pm
Fri April 19, 2013

Is Battery Program Environmentalism Or Profit For AAA Carolinas?

The heavy metals and acids in car batteries are extremely toxic to the environment, but those materials are also highly sought by scrap yards, recycling centers, and battery resellers.
Credit Derek Rankine / Flickr

Saturday is Earth Day, so it's the time of year when companies, non-profits, and advocacy groups urge you to do your part to save the environment. One example: AAA Carolinas has an annual promotion called the Great Battery Roundup, where the organization offers $5 for drivers to turn in used or junk car batteries. The program may have environmental benefits, although the going rate for used batteries is often more than double on the open market.

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Local News
6:12 pm
Tue December 11, 2012

Millions Of Worms Eat, Compost Charlotte Airport's Trash

1.9 million red wigglers are eating through the Charlotte airport's organic waste.
Julie Rose

Millions of people will pass through airports this holiday season, tossing trash into cans that will combine with waste from restaurants and airlines into a mess. Charlotte-Douglas International Airport is now the first in the nation to put worms to work dealing with its waste.  WFAE's Julie Rose got an inside look at the process – and the man behind it.

Bob Lucas is not about to judge you for tossing that plastic bottle in the trash as you board your flight.

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