Restored Streamliners Draw Thousands To Spencer

Jun 2, 2014
Tasnim Shamma

Streamliners caused a stir throughout the U.S. when they made their debut in the 1930s.  These trains had a smooth, sleek design.  But they didn’t just look neat; they were fast, some of them reaching speeds of more than 100 miles per hour. 

But by the 1960s, they disappeared as more people chose airplanes and cars.  Twenty-six of these restored streamliners were on display this weekend at the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer.


Death By Train On The Rise In NC

Apr 12, 2013

The number of people dying by train is on the rise in North Carolina. In 2012, the Federal Railroad Administration reports 18 train-related fatalities statewide.  Just three months into 2013 and train fatalities for North Carolina have already hit 11.  Three were people in cars that ended up on the tracks.

The rest, says North Carolina Rail Division Director Paul Worley, were people on foot.