If you happen to be among the undead you are rotting at a great time because being a zombie has never been more popular. Zombies are everywhere, from literature to films and even in University classrooms. The Walking Dead continues to be one of the most popular shows on television and Charlotte itself has many zombie related events this year. On this Halloween day we will look at the history of the zombie, the incredible rise in popularity of the undead and the many iterations of zombies in popular culture. Tune in, even if one of your fingers fall off.

Back in the 1950’s the Cold War brought with it elementary school air raid drills, gas masks in many homes, and the rise of a bunker mentality. Recent natural disasters from Hurricane Katrina to Sandy Hook as well as the 911 attacks have created a new generation of survivalists. They call themselves Preppers and there are hundreds of groups around the country, worldwide conferences and even television shows. We’ll meet the head of a national Prepper organization, a woman committed to teaching other woman to become survivors and a local Prepper.

Beauty Pageants have been a part of American culture for a long time and, for a good portion of that time, mocked by many in the general public. But the beauty pageant system is vast and diverse and the benefits are deep for those who love the pageant life. Supporters say there is more than meets the eye to the benefits and education of contestants in the systems but there are critics who point to shows like 'Toddlers and Tiaras' as evidence of a seedier side to the beauty pageant. We go more than skin deep to explore the beauty pageant system, when Charlotte Talks.

Real Life Ghostbusers And Costume Culture

Oct 31, 2012
Carolina Paranormal Society

Part One: Carolina Paranormal Society. On this Halloween edition of Charlotte Talks, when something goes bump in the night and you can't explain that strange noise in the basement, who you going to call? The Carolina Paranormal Society! This non-profit organization of real life "Ghostbusters" researches and investigates evidence of paranormal phenomenon using scientific methods. We'll talk with the founders of the Carolina Paranormal Society about what they've seen and why they belive.