Reading, Publishing & Summer Book Picks

Jun 17, 2014
Furcifer Pardalis / Flickr

A dispute at Amazon over e-book pricing has some authors encouraging readers to ditch the retail giant and head to their local independent bookseller. Major brick and mortar bookstores continue to struggle. Self-publishing is on the rise. E-books and e-readers are pervasive as ever, but their sales are starting to level off. Meanwhile, the American Booksellers Association has reported a fifth straight year of membership increases for indie bookstores, once considered doomed with the advent of the digital age. Books are a rapidly changing business, so we'll check in on the state of the publishing and bookselling industry. And summer is almost here, a time when many people catch up on their reading so we'll get some book recommendations.

Professional authors and writers face many challenges and a lot of competition these days. Writing has shifted from a craft previously conducted with pen and paper, to an industry open to almost anyone with a keyboard. So how do we identify the good writers, the talented authors and how does one get published? What resources are available to help local writers hone their craft? And what else do writers do to make ends meet? We talk about all of that and more with three local authors.