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The Gathering Power Of Food

Jun 21, 2013
Mark Rumsey / WFAE

A community forum to highlight and explore the ways in which food brings people together – from food festivals to holiday meals.   Panelists and audience members  shared experiences and observations on how gatherings around food impact families, neighborhoods, workplaces, churches and other community institutions.   The Public Conversation explored the role of food in creating cultural identities, facilitating conversation, and marking key life events.  Discussion also addressed how the ‘Gathering Power of Food’ can be preserved in today’s “fast food society” and amid busy lifestyles. 

Charlotte needs to find new ways to increase its tax base. In the past, annexation provided low-hanging fruit. But there's almost no more space to annex. Today, south Charlotte property taxes provide half the city’s revenue. Policymakers have presented initiatives and projects, such as affordable housing and the street car, but what do neighborhood residents want?

Jennifer Lang

WFAE's Public Conversations Series examined the current debate on guns and gun violence in America. Panelists and audience members discussed recent proposals designed to reduce gun violence. Moderated by WFAE's Ben Bradford, the forum also addressed Second Amendment issues, enforcement of gun laws, underlying causes of gun violence, and the politics of the gun control debate.  

Jennifer Lang

This community forum explored what many people see as a widespread culture of disrespect permeating our society and communities today.  Panelists and audience members discussed the causes and effects of this apparent breakdown in common respect.   The forum also examined the roles of parents, schools, public figures, the media and other groups in fostering an atmosphere of respect, or disrespect, in the local community.  


Politics In The Streets

Jul 26, 2012

Understanding 'Stand Your Ground'

May 16, 2012

Defining Marriage

Mar 29, 2012

About 500 people turned out at Spirit Square for this community forum on the proposed constitutional amendment in North Carolina that would define marriage between one man and one woman as the only valid or recognized form of domestic legal union in the state. Listen to the entire discussion. Forum attendees were still arriving as Mark Rumsey introduced panelists. Panelists Frank Turek (left) and Scott Sigman with moderator WFAE's Julie Rose. In advance of the event, we solicited opinions on the proposed amendment to the state constitution.

Election 2012: Off And Running

Jan 24, 2012

Audience members respond to a question. Click the image to view more photos from the event. WFAE hosted a Public Conversation Tuesday at Winthrop University on this year's presidential race. Charlotte and Rock Hill-area residents spoke out on issues ranging from education and immigration to same-sex marriage. This forum was moderated by WFAE's Mike Collins and Winthrop professor Dr. Scott Huffmon.

How Should We Grade Our Teachers?

Nov 1, 2011

WFAE's Public Conversation on homeland security explored terrorism prevention and response plans for the Charlotte area. During the forum, a panel of public safety and law enforcement experts discussed the topic with an audience that included community leaders, representatives of non-profit organizations, and area residents. Moderator: Julie Rose, WFAE News Panelists: Chief Jon Hannan, Charlotte Fire Department Major Glen Neimeyer, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Supervisory Special Agent Marie Jocys, Joint Terrorism Task Force, FBI - Charlotte Division.