The granting of political favors is nothing new in government, but it can take a lot of work to connect the dots in uncovering it. An investigation by the News and Observer of Raleigh and the Charlotte Observer found that a Charlotte businessman got a contract extended to continue private maintenance services for some state prisons over the objections of the head of the department that oversees prisons.

One of the complaints lodged in January by the group Progress North Carolina Action said McCrory should have included on his economic disclosure statement cash and stock he received from online mortgage broker LendingTree from when he served on its board. The other complaint, filed in March, centered on trips he took that were paid for through the Republican Governors Association.

Progress North Carolina Action released last month’s dismissal documents Wednesday after McCrory announced the decision. State law doesn’t allow the ethics commission to publicly release its decisions.

Edwin Peacock, Republican Candidate For Mayor

Oct 29, 2015

Next Tuesday is election day and after months of campaigning voters will choose between Democrat Jennifer Roberts and Republican Edwin Peacock for Charlotte mayor. The former city councilman came in second by a hair when he ran against Patrick Cannon. He’s obviously hoping for a different outcome this time around and, although his opponent declined, Edwin Peacock accepted our invitation to join us for the hour.

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Next Tuesday, a runoff election will decide if Dan Clodfelter or Jennifer Roberts will be the Democrat’s nominee for mayor of Charlotte. On Wednesday morning, the candidates faced off at the McGlohon Theater, in a live debate on Charlotte Talks.

Charlotte Mayor 2015: The Runoff Debate

Sep 30, 2015
Tom Bullock / WFAE

Which Democrat will face Republican Edwin Peacock in the Nov. 3 Charlotte mayoral election? It's down to Jennifer Roberts and Dan Clodfelter in the Democratic runoff election Oct. 6. Charlotte Talks  on WFAE and The Charlotte Observer teamed up to talk to the run-off candidates. The pair faced off during a live debate Wednesday, September 30. WFAE's Mike Collins and Charlotte Observer Metro Columnist Mark Washburn moderated the debate.  

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The North Carolina Senate has given their tentative approval to a $2 billion bond plan championed by Governor Pat McCrory. But a funny thing happened as the bill went from proposal to passage.

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After two years of debating how to change North Carolina's most expensive health care program, state lawmakers will vote on a Medicaid overhaul Tuesday. The model negotiators settled on is a mix of two previous proposals.

The governor signing the North Carolina budget into law, as McCrory did on Friday, usually signals the end the state legislative session. But North Carolina’s House and Senate are back in session this week.

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The North Carolina Senate has given its tentative approval for the state’s budget. Tuesday's vote was along party lines, 33-16. But the debate didn’t focus on money.

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House Speaker Tim Moore sent out an optimistic tweet Thursday morning: A budget deal was imminent and would be announced in the afternoon or Friday morning. Moore ended his day with another tweet: "Stay tuned."

North Carolina’s state budget is now 73 days overdue. And lawmakers have just seven more days to either pass a budget, or another temporary spending measure to keep state government running. Host Duncan McFadyen and WFAE's Tom Bullock discuss the latest on the budget negotiations.