For months, the state Republican party has been roiled by an internal power struggle between party brass and the party chairman, Hasan Harnett.

GOP leaders say Harnett was working around them and trying to hack into a GOP website. Harnett repeatedly denied the allegations, called it a set up, and questioned if he was being singled out for his race. Harnett became the party’s first black chairman last year when he was elected with a wave of tea party support.

The North Carolina General Assembly is back in session today. Governor McCrory and Senate leader Phil Berger have laid out their priorities. They include teacher raises that average 5 percent, and leaving HB2 mostly intact - although the governor does want a provision repealed that deals with the right to sue. But what about the priorities of lawmakers in the Charlotte area? Morning Edition host Marshall Terry talks to WFAE's David Boraks.


"The economic repercussions are threatened and real." That was the first line of a press release from the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce put out Tuesday after PayPal ended plans to bring 400 jobs to Charlotte.

The move was in response to House Bill 2, which the company sees as discriminatory. For Charlotte, the loss of PayPal is tangible. But for North Carolina’s Republican lawmakers, the move has barely registered. And they’re now portraying PayPal as the kind of company nobody should deal with.

Charlotte-based Bank of America is one of more than 80 companies now calling on the General Assembly to repeal the law passed by a special session last week.

Myths, facts and a federal lawsuit. That is where we currently stand with House Bill 2, the broad legislation passed in a special session of the General Assembly and signed into law that night by Governor McCrory. From start to finish the process took just 12 hours.

After a short filing period, the fields are set for June 7 primaries in North Carolina’s redrawn Congressional districts. Ten of the 13 incumbents face primaries, including both in the districts serving Mecklenburg County.

Local governments across the state are still trying to understand the full ramifications of the bill passed in Wednesday’s special session of the General Assembly. That bill was signed into law last night by Governor Pat McCrory. And it may have some unintended consequences which could cost the state revenue.

Final results are in for two of last week’s Mecklenburg County General Assembly primaries and both are close enough that recounts are planned.


What started as a social media spat over email access has morphed into something more. Late Sunday night, the Central Committee of North Carolina’s Republican Party announced a no-confidence vote in its Chairman Hasan Harnett. They also passed emergency restrictions on Harnett’s duties pending an investigation.

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Let’s start at the top of the ticket. The first called race of the evening was for Hillary Clinton. There were plenty of cheers and "Hillary!" chants at Jackalope Jacks near uptown, where about 50 Hillary Clinton supporters gathered to watch the results come in.