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North Carolina is scheduled to get a visit from Hillary Clinton on Thursday.  Her husband primed the way for her Monday.  Bill Clinton made three stops throughout the state, including one at Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte. 

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There is an undeniable spectacle on display at a Donald Trump Rally. The feeling is equal parts bread and circus and playoff game. Right down to the music announcing Trump's arrival and the announcer welcoming the "next president of the United States."

Your oil change got a bit more expensive today. So too did a trip to the cobbler, the jewelry repair shop or to have viruses removed from your hard drive. Tuesday is the first day North Carolina starts collecting sales tax on these and other services. It’s either great for the state or horrible for its people depending on who’s speaking at the podium.


South Carolina is definitively Hillary Country. Clinton won the Democratic primary there over the weekend. And did so by easily defeating Senator Bernie Sanders. WFAE’s Tom Bullock and Morning Edition Host Marshall Terry talk through the results and look ahead to what it all means for tomorrow’s Super Tuesday primary bonanza.

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Darelene Mansfield has this request for her fellow South Carolinians, "Just bear with us, it’s just going to be a few more days. You’re only going to get a few more calls."

Mansfield is behind a number of those calls. She’s the phone bank coordinator at the Clinton campaign’s Rock Hill office. Phone banks tell you a lot about a campaign.


A record number of South Carolinians cast ballots in the State’s GOP Primary. The result, three victory speeches and one candidate dropped out. Morning Edition Host Marshall Terry and WFAE's Tom Bullock break down the GOP primary results and look ahead to this Saturday when the Democrat’s hold their primary.


The U.S. Supreme Court late Friday rejected North Carolina’s request to put a new round of redistricting on hold. That means the state must follow a lower court order to use new maps in the upcoming election, which state lawmakers finalized earlier Friday.


When Right To Rise USA was formed last year, it was supposed to be a game changer. A Super PAC with a massive bank account created for one purpose, make Jeb Bush the 45th president of the United States.

Right to Rise has inundated Iowa, New Hampshire and now South Carolina with ads but so far the group may have authored a cautionary tale rather than the playbook for big money politics.

When Jeb Bush announced the launch of Right to Rise, it was a decidedly low tech affair recorded on a smart phone.


So much political mud is flying in South Carolina they may want to change the state bird. Questionable phone calls and accusations of photoshopped pictures are at the top of a growing list of complaints as the state nears the GOP Primary this Saturday.

With the release of the ‘contingent’ congressional district maps by the Republicans, my immediate reaction upon seeing the map was an emphatic “wow.” There were some very dramatic changes to at least eleven of the thirteen districts, and the effects of such a change will be significant in this hyper-partisan election year.