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Democrat David Howard has raised more than $60,000 from African-American voters in North Carolina, far surpassing the amounts reportedly raised by his three Democratic rivals for mayor, Jennifer Roberts, Dan Clodfelter, and Michael Barnes.


African-Americans make up 64 percent of Charlotte democrats, and who they support will largely determine the winner of Tuesday’s primary.


After 72 days of waiting, negotiating and the passing of three resolutions to keep North Carolina government funded, lawmakers in Raleigh say a budget deal is imminent. And some details of that deal are becoming clear. Host Mark Rumsey talks with WFAE's Tom Bullock about what early budget details have emerged.

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Those in North Carolina’s solar industry will have their fingers crossed as the North Carolina House and Senate approach a compromise on next year’s budget. The state’s solar tax credit is set to expire at the end of the year. The industry claims without an extension—and with other changes lawmakers are considering—North Carolina solar will stall.

Charlotte Mayoral Primary Preview

Sep 9, 2015
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Election season is underway and next week Charlotte voters will head to the polls in the first round of voting for mayor. In the primary, Republican voters will chose between two candidates. Democrats will have a wider field from which to choose including an incumbent.  Whoever wins in November, will be the city’s fifth mayor in five years and issues include a $20 million budget deficit. We take a closer look at the candidates and the issues.

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A conference hall at Queens University was filled Thursday night with spectators. They gathered to hear the top six candidates for Charlotte’s next mayor debate the future of the city.

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There was a bit of a surprise Wednesday on the floor of the North Carolina House. The chamber unanimously voted down a bill that has broad, bi-partisan support.

Effectively House bill 373 does just one thing, change the date of the state’s presidential primary from February 23 to March 15. It’s something lawmakers from both parties want.

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North Carolina state lawmakers have given themselves yet more time to pass the state’s budget. Wednesday, the House and Senate passed another continuing resolution which keeps the state funded through September 18.

Could Trump Run As A 'Sore Loser' In The Carolinas?

Aug 27, 2015

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For Republican leaders, perhaps the biggest nightmare scenario in the presidential race is not Donald Trump winning their party’s nomination, but him losing, and then running in the general election—and siphoning off Republican votes—as an independent. To prevent that in the Carolinas, GOP leaders could look to election laws known as “sore loser” provisions.

NC Senate Changing Unemployment Benefits

Aug 26, 2015
Government & Heritage Library, State Library of NC

Changes to North Carolina’s unemployment benefits today passed the first of two required votes in the state Senate. The bill raises a key requirement for those using benefits to remain on them.

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Many districts have either stopped offering driver’s education or, like CMS, plan to next week when the temporary budget expires, leaving many kids in the lurch.