NC General Assembly

Later today, the House Finance Committee will begin debating their proposed 2016 state budget. And we now know some of the proposals the committee will consider.

Monday morning, the General Assembly posted an update to House Bill 97. At 42 pages, it is by no means complete. But it does have a number of provisions that illustrate where the House is going with this budget.

After another meeting to discuss the budget proposed by Charlotte city manager Ron Carlee, no clear consensus exists among the city council about a core component of the proposal: to raise property taxes while lowering overall costs for most residents.

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Mecklenburg County’s 2011 property tax revaluation found property values were so high—and it drew so many complaints—that state lawmakers required an outside appraiser to go back and redo it. Since then, most of the emphasis has been homeowners getting tax refunds or, more recently, the hole it’s carved in the City of Charlotte’s budget. But for a small, but sizeable, portion of county homeowners, the revaluation redo has created another big problem.

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Charlotte city council members expressed mixed feelings about city manager Ron Carlee’s proposal to raise property taxes as part of the solution to the upcoming budget deficit.

Lawmakers filed about 1,600 bills this session. About a third of them survived what’s called the crossover deadline. That’s when bills that don’t contain spending or taxes must make it out of either the House or Senate.  If they don’t, they fail for this year. 

American Airlines Group

American Airlines announced their first quarter profits Friday. And they were a record $932 million. It’s great news for the airline and their stockholders and certainly noted by North Carolina lawmakers. 

NC General Assembly

A state House committee has passed a bill that would lengthen the mandatory waiting period before a woman could have an abortion.

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North Carolina lawmakers have made new funding for outdated transportation, especially repairing roads and bridges, a priority this year. But at the same time as the state is looking to ramp up, it could lose funding from Washington.

New Tensions Emerge In War Over NC Billboards

Apr 17, 2015
Mark Hames / Charlotte Observer

For the third straight legislative session, environmental groups and local government advocates are fighting a measure sought by North Carolina’s billboard industry.

North Carolina Legislative Update

Apr 16, 2015
NC General Assembly

Again this year, the legislative session has been a busy one with lawmakers tackling sales tax redistribution, religious freedom proposals, economic development and then there’s the on-going power struggle between Republican leadership in the Senate and the governor. 

We sit down with a group of reporters who cover state politics to talk about where these issues stand, what passage may mean to us and look ahead to what other things legislators might be considering