Stock Photos Show There's More To The Story

Aug 15, 2016
Jenifer Daniels / Colorstock

You may think of stock photos as cheesy. You know, the staged pose, the fake backgrounds. But Charlottean Jenifer Daniels is trying to change that. Her business is Colorstock. It’s a stock photo website that focuses on providing images of people of color.

Lisa Worf / WFAE

If you’re anywhere along Tryon Street in uptown Charlotte around 6:15 tonight, you’ll be photographed.  Volunteers, 150 of them, will simultaneously snap what will turn into one very long picture of the street.  It’s part art project, part documentary, and part promotion. 

You may love Tryon street like Mike Sandford whose office looks out on it:

“I think it’s a very vibrant and beautiful street,” he says.    

You may be upbeat about it, but see room for improvement like Yvonne Curtis.

Light Factory Members Want To Keep Independence

Oct 17, 2013

Charlotte’s Light Factory museum is no longer looking to merge with other area organizations.

The museum of photography and film announced last week that it was suspending operations while it tries to reorganize. The museum's board chairman Jeff Wise says a merger was a possibility but museum members want it to remain independent.

The Light Factory To Suspend Operations

Oct 8, 2013

Charlotte’s Light Factory museum celebrated its 40th anniversary last year. Now it’s closing its doors, at least temporarily.

The museum of photography and film announced Monday it’s suspending operations.

Board chairman Jeff Wise say revenue has dropped 30 percent in the last three years. He says the museum needs time to reorganize.