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Charlotte Talks
12:00 am
Mon March 18, 2013

News Roundtable: North Carolina Politics

North Carolina State Legislative Building
Credit NC General Assembly

The Republican-run General Assembly has been busy in North Carolina. Less than half-way through the six month session and we've no shortage of controversial topics to tackle. Voter ID laws and tax reform are biggies. Then there's the frost relationship between Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx and his predecessor who's now in the Governor's Mansion. Charlotte finds itself scraping for state support to renovate Bank of America Stadium and prevent a takeover of the city-owned airport. We take it all in with a panel of political experts, when Charlotte Talks.

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Local News
5:00 am
Tue March 5, 2013

Gov McCrory Keeps Arms-Length From Charlotte Airport, Panthers Stadium Debates

Governor Pat McCrory is keeping his distance from the high-stakes battles Charlotte is engaged in over the future of the Airport and Bank of America Stadium.

Charlotte City leaders are engaged in high-stakes battles in Raleigh over the future of the Panthers and the airport.  But Governor Pat McCrory – who was the city's longest-serving mayor – has said very little about either issue. 

The airport is one of Charlotte's most important assets in attracting new companies and jobs. Governor Pat McCrory says when he was just "Mayor Pat" he supported having the airport as a city department. So why is he not going to bat for the city as a bill speeds through the legislature that would put the airport in control of a regional authority?

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Charlotte Observer
10:00 am
Fri February 22, 2013

McCrory Not Required To Sign Off On Airport Deal

RALEIGH Turns out, Republican Gov. Pat McCrory won’t have to sign any legislation that would cost the city he once ran control of its airport.

Most measures that pass the House and Senate have to be signed by the governor to become law. Not so with so-called local bills.

“Local bills” are those that affect fewer than 15 counties. They don’t need the governor’s signature to become law.

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Local News
10:58 am
Tue February 19, 2013

State Of State Speech Focuses On Economy, Education And Efficiency

In his first State of the State address, Gov. Pat McCrory Monday night pledged to work to lower North Carolina's income tax rates, cut the amount of money the state wastes on Medicaid, and make vocational training a larger part of the state's education system.

Gov. McCrory said his administration will focus on "fixing the economy, transforming education and improving government efficiency." Here's the first step:

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Local News
4:50 pm
Tue February 12, 2013

N.C. About To Slash Unemployment Benefits, Raise Taxes

Credit Bytemarks/Flickr

A bill to drastically cut unemployment benefits and slightly raise business taxes has cleared its last major hurdle in North Carolina. Republicans behind it say it's going to be painful, but it's necessary to pay back the $2.5 billion the state owes the federal government for help paying unemployment insurance.

How did the state build up such a massive debt?

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The Party Line
2:03 pm
Tue February 12, 2013

McCrory Needs To Talk Like A Governor, Not A Candidate

New administrations have “growing pains,” especially those where the party in power changes. After running for governor for nearly five years, the McCrory administration appears to be falling into the “honeymoon” plague period that other administrations find themselves in.

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Local News
12:58 pm
Fri January 11, 2013

Republicans Start The Year In Control Of NC House, Senate, And Governor's Mansion

Republicans now hold the North Carolina Governor’s Mansion and have majorities in both the state House and Senate for the first time in more than a hundred years. This week, Pat McCrory was sworn in as governor and the General Assembly convened its 2013 session. So now, the question is, “what will the GOP do now that it has control in Raleigh?”

Professor Michael Bitzer talks to Morning Edition host Duncan McFadyen.

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Local News
7:47 pm
Thu January 10, 2013

A New 'Foundation' For N.C. Politics?

The Charlotte Observer

Here's a name you'll probably get used to while Governor Pat McCrory is in office: The Foundation for North Carolina. It's a nonprofit but not in the traditional sense. It's a political group with close ties to McCrory that was created after his election.

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Local News
9:28 am
Thu January 10, 2013

Gov. McCrory Wants To Sign Unemployment Insurance Changes Into Law

N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory talks to a group of elected officials in Charlotte.
Credit Michael Tomsic

Governor Pat McCrory said one of the first bills he plans to sign into law will overhaul the state’s unemployment insurance system. McCrory is in favor of a Republican legislative plan that cuts benefits and raises taxes on some businesses.

When the economy tanked, North Carolina’s unemployment insurance system got way out of balance. Businesses fund it, and they weren’t putting enough in to cover the massive demand for benefits as unemployment soared.  

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Local News
9:02 am
Thu January 10, 2013

McCrory Could Re-shape NC Utilities Regulation

Governor Pat McCrory will appoint three utilities commissioners and the state's top advocate for utility consumers in the coming months. His choices would re-shape the regulatory landscape for Duke Energy, where McCrory worked for 28 years.

Governor Pat McCrory has been busy in recent weeks filling his cabinet and top staff positions. And in at least three cases he's appointed former colleagues from his 28 years working at Duke Energy. That's led some to worry McCrory will follow the same pattern when he turns his attention to four impending vacancies at the North Carolina Utilities Commission, which is Duke Energy's primary regulator in the state. WFAE's Julie Rose takes a look now at this regulatory body McCrory has the opportunity to radically reshape.


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