Pat McCrory

It's been a busy week in politics: Mitt Romney has finally chosen his running mate: Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan. The Romney/Ryan kickoff bus tour stopped in Mooresville over the weekend. WFAE political analyst Michael Bitzer joined Duncan McFadyen to talk about all the focus North Carolina is getting in the campaign.

MCFADYEN: Let’s listen to something they [Rep. Ryan and Gov. Romney] said at that campaign stop:

The Week In Politics: Chicken, Polls, And Smartphone Apps

Aug 13, 2012
Couche Tard/Flickr

We heard a lot about chicken last week regarding the Chick-Fil-A and gay marriage.

So, in response to that controversy, Public Policy Polling conducted a poll on . . . chicken. The poll found that Chick-Fil-A is North Carolina’s favorite fast-food chicken restaurant. It’s preferred by 40 percent of voters. KFC is second at 23 percent, followed by Bojangles at 18 percent.

And, yes, there is an ideological split. Conservatives prefer Chick-Fil-A. Liberals prefer KFC.

The Week In Politics: Taxes, Guns, Third-Party Spoiler

Jul 27, 2012

Leading up to the November election, most Fridays, Catawba College political scientist Michael Bitzer is joining WFAE’s Morning Edition host Duncan McFadyen to talk politics.

McCrory Ready For Fall Fight

May 9, 2012
Julie Rose

Former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory captured more than two-thirds of the vote to win last night's Republican primary for governor. WFAE's Julie Rose reports the McCrory campaign treated last night's victory as a kick-off for the real fight. 

McCrory's Political Teasing Has Advantages

Oct 5, 2011

Former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory will almost surely make another run for the governor's office in 2012, but so far he's only hinting at a "big announcement" he plans to make early next year. There are some strategic advantages to McCrory delaying his formal announcement while still acting like a candidate.

Two More Years for Mayor McCrory

Nov 8, 2005

(11/08/05) It's a good thing Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory likes his job, because he's got a few more years in office. McCrory easily defeated Democrat challenger Craig Madans with 56 percent of the vote. This will be McCrory's sixth term in office. In other election news, voters rejected a multi-million dollar Charlotte Mecklenburg School bonds package, although they did approve one for Central Piedmont Community College. 

Charlotte Mayoral Preview

Nov 1, 2005

(11/01/05) Next week, Charlotte voters will go to the polls to, among other things, choose a mayor. Their options are clear: five-term incumbent and, very visible, Pat McCrory, or his challenger, Democrat Craig Madans. McCrory has defeated Madans in the past, but Madans is more confident than ever that he'll be able to unseat the Republican. It sets up a showdown that some say isn't much of a showdown at all. WFAE's Scott Graf reports.

Charlotte Primary Election Coverage

Sep 28, 2005

(09/28/05) No upsets in Tuesday's Charlotte city council primaries. Incumbents Patsy Kinsey, Warren Turner, Susan Burgess and Andy Dulin were all winners in their respective primaries. All but Burgess are assured a seat on the council since they'll run unopposed in the November general election. Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory was also a winner in yesterday's primary. He won by a 3-to-1 margin over challenger Martin Davis. McCrory moves on to face Democrat Craig Madans. If he wins in November, McCrory will serve a record sixth term in office.