From time to time on this show, we discuss performances of plays, musicals, symphonies or operas composed or created by talented artists who are no longer with us, or who aren't available to join us on the show. On this edition of the show, however, we're joined by a living legend, an American composer and librettist who has been creating famous operas since the 1950's! Carlisle Floyd will join us, along with 4-time Grammy Award-winning American tenor Anthony Dean Griffey. They're in town to do residencies at Wingate University, and while they're here, they'll join us to talk about their craft and their worldwide prominence in opera and music performance, when Charlotte Talks.

Part One: Charlotte Symphony's Classical Idol. The concept behind American Idol is not new. We have always been fascinated by that special talent who comes along and inspires us with their vision and craft. But most American Idol winners are everyday folks with a gift. Classical musicians are highly trained, dedicated and persistent artists who often go unnoticed in the communities they serve with their music. Not in Charlotte. Last year Classical Idol was hatched. It's a friendly competition to raise funds for the Symphony but it's also a way to raise awareness of these incredibly talented musicians in our midst. With offerings from Celtic fiddle to an elementary school choir, Classical Idol has music for everyone. 

Friendship And Opera Bring South Africans To CPCC

Nov 28, 2012
Briana Duggan

Thabang Masango had been doing well as a singer in South Africa. He had won large singing competitions and was part of prominent choral group. In 2008, the choral group toured the United States and made a stop in Charlotte along the way.