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A South Carolina judge says the special prosecutor overseeing an investigation into corruption at the Statehouse can stay on the case. 

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Despite all that's going on in Washington, the economy is holding steady. But that doesn't mean the status quo will last for long. A mid-year look at the economy with guest host Tom Bullock.

Charlotte Talks Friday News Roundup

Jun 23, 2017
Clockwise from top left: Glenn Burkins, Tom Bullock, Shawn Flynn, Erik Spanberg

This week in local news, our homicide rate rises to 46 after multiple murders in one night this week.  The mayor’s race gains candidates at a forum on Tuesday.  South Carolina Republicans win a tight Congressional race. The  Whitewater Center is sued one year after the death of a rafter who was exposed to an amoeba at the Center.  Mike Collins and the roundup reporters fill us in on those stories and more.

Charlotte School of Law is in the Charlotte Plaza Building at 201 S. College St.
Charlotte School of Law

Charlotte School of Law’s future looks bleaker as officials struggle to meet an August 10 deadline to show it’s financially strong and academically sound. The deadline was issued Wednesday by a UNC Board of Governor’s committee. If it's not met, the school’s license could be revoked.

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Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney says he's struggling to recruit Latinos and other Spanish-speaking officers, as the city's Hispanic community grows. It’s now about 13 percent of the population, but only about 6 percent of CMPD’s 1,900 officers are Latino.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

As more drones take flight, more problems arise. Mike Collins looks at drone regulations and confusion among some users about the rules of the skies.

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Charlotte School of Law is on probation with the American Bar Association, has had its federal loan money yanked by the Department of Education and now it's in trouble with its state licensor, the UNC Board of Governors. 

The board decided yesterday to give the law school until August 1st to prove that it's financially sound and in compliance with state licensure standards.  That includes providing proof of a guaranty bond that would refund students' tuition if the school closed mid-semester.

Chief Putney Addresses Increase In Homicides

Jun 21, 2017
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The number of homicides in Charlotte stands at 46 after three more occurred Tuesday night. This is more than double the number of homicides at this time last year. CMPD Police Chief Kerr Putney says at least 34 of the victims knew their killers. As a result CMPD is launching conflict resolution mediation forums.

Hickory will allow food trucks on certain city properties.
City of Hickory

The Hickory City Council has approved new rules to let food trucks and food carts operate in some city parks and parking lots.

Paul Megget will become Charlotte School of Law's third dean in as many months. Meanwhile, the Mecklenburg County Commission has approved two budget plans, one a $1.7 billion operating budget for FY2018, the other a $1.5 billion long-term capital improvement plan. And, the proposed North Carolina state budget continues to move quickly through the General Assembly.