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When 94-year-old Wilma Black passed away on December 22, she left behind five children, 16 "known" grandchildren, and an obituary that’s best described as candid and heartbreaking. The News and Observer of Raleigh posted Wilma’s obituary on Thursday. Less than 24 hours later it was taken down, but not before being widely circulated through social media and the subject of TV news reports. 

You may have assumed that a convicted felon who is serving time in a North Carolina prison would not be found hanging out at home or on a golf course on some weekends.   But each year, hundreds of state inmates - including some convicted murderers - are granted weekend leaves under a long-standing program designed to help minimum-security prisoners transition back into society.   The News & Observer in Raleigh published details of the program on Friday, and WFAE's Mark Rumsey spoke with reporter Craig Jarvis.