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North Carolina General Assembly building.
NC General Assembly



The North Carolina Senate’s economic development proposal lays out some changes for non-profits when it comes to contributions and collecting sales tax refunds. Many non-profits say they’re not good ones.   

The Senate plan sets some limits. It would include charitable contributions as part of a $20,000 cap on all itemized deductions. 

City of Charlotte

Top Republicans in the state Senate Monday unveiled their proposal to shift sales taxes from urban areas to rural areas. The bill’s sponsor says it will help poorer counties, but it would compound the growing hole in Charlotte’s budget.

Courtesy of NC Policy Watch and the John Locke Foundation

All 50 members of the North Carolina Senate have each introduced a nearly identical bill. The bill is usually comprised of just 41 words. The details of the proposed legislation could easily fit in a tweet.

These are what's known as ‘blank bills.’

North Carolina General Assembly building.
NC General Assembly

State legislators have descended on Raleigh for the start of the 2015 legislative session. Today’s session is largely ceremonial. The only votes scheduled are to elect leadership of the General Assembly. But there is a lot lawmakers would like to get done this year, which is why WFAE’s Tom Bullock joins Morning Edition host Marshall Terry for a preview of the so-called long legislative session.

NC Lawmakers Compromise On Plan For Duke Energy's Coal Ash Ponds

Aug 20, 2014
Riverkeeper Foundation

Top Republicans in the North Carolina General Assembly say they’ve agreed on a plan to manage Duke Energy’s coal ash ponds. The plan for Duke Energy's 33 ponds has been roughly six months in the making, but just weeks ago negotiations broke down between the senators and representatives who were writing it. 

It’s becoming clear that North Carolina’s state budget is not as advertised by House and Senate leaders. 

Details on how state lawmakers will pay for their proposed $21.3 billion budget were finally made public late Wednesday night.  

North Carolina General Assembly building.
NC General Assembly

Updated 10 a.m.

The details of North Carolina’s new $21 billion budget will be made public.

The document will hopefully answer many of the questions left on the table after House Speaker Thom Tillis and Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger officially announced yesterday a deal had been struck.

But the publishing of the document also starts a 48-hour countdown clock. After that period the House can vote on the new budget. And some democratic leaders in the house warn that isn’t enough time to figure out if the new budget makes fiscal senses for the state.

On Wednesday, the North Carolina Senate passed a bill capping county sales tax rates at 2.5 percent.

The vote was 33 to 16.   

The final tally came after more than an hour of contentious debate.

North Carolina’s urban vs. rural divide was front and center throughout the debate.  

North Carolina General Assembly building.
NC General Assembly

After a contentious debate on the Senate floor earlier today, a bill capping county sales tax passed 33 to 16. Joining Mark Rumsey to talk about the bill and the implications for Mecklenburg County is WFAE’s Tom Bullock.