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6:54 pm
Wed May 6, 2015

New Research Shows Mecklenburg County Among Worst For Economic Mobility

This figure plots the percentage gain from moving to a better area by the age at which the child moves.

If you’re poor and grow up in Mecklenburg County, you have among the worst chances in the country of climbing the income ladder as you get older. That’s according to a study by a group of researchers at Harvard, who looked at the earnings records of millions of families. The study found poor children in Stanly County, just two counties over, have a much better chance at earning more money as adults. 

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Local News
5:26 pm
Fri July 26, 2013

Hard For Children To Ascend The Income Ladder In Charlotte

The southeast had the lowest rate of low-income children achieving wealth, in the study.
Credit Equality of Opportunity Project

Charlotte’s economic ascension over the past generation has not translated into an easier climb to wealth for poor residents. A new study looks at how children of low-income parents fare as adults and finds Charlotte near the bottom of America’s largest cities.

The entire swathe of the southeastern United States is painted deepest red on the study’s map, from Louisiana to Virginia.

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