Levine Cancer Institute

Advancements In Cancer Treatment

May 5, 2015

The treatment of cancer is on the cusp of change and part of that is coming from Charlotte. Several doctors at Levine Cancer Institute are involved in new clinical trials and treatments, among them targeted gene therapy which allows for specialized treatment tailored to each patient’s particular cancer. That therapy alone holds the promise of less debilitating treatment and better cure rates. We hear from some of the doctors involved in that research.

Levine Children's Hospital

In recent years, Charlotte's Levine Children's Hospital has embarked on notable research in pediatric cancers and clinical trials and treatment for children with cancer. The hospital is poised to make considerable gains in cancer research in the next few years in spite of the lack of funding that children's cancer research receives compared to adult cancers. Join us to talk about the work being done in cancer research for kids in Charlotte, and about the struggle to fund these important ventures, when Charlotte Talks.

Courtesy of UNC Charlotte

The Levine Cancer Institute and UNC Charlotte are teaming up for a new project they hope will make a difference in the world of cancer research. It's called the Charlotte Pancreatic Cancer Project.

UNC Charlotte and the Levine Cancer Institute will be making $400,000 in grants available to scientists and doctors at both institutions.