Lake Norman

Police to visit neighborhood where woman disappeared

Jun 15, 2014

Mecklenburg Police are continuing their investigation into the disappearance last week of Bianca Richardson Tanner of Charlotte. On Sunday, members of the department’s Homicide and Missing Persons Unit planned to knock on doors in the 1000 block of Druid Circle, off Stateville Avenue, where she was last seen a week ago. Detectives had planned a 2 p.m. meeting at the intersection of Double Oaks Road and Newland Road, across from the Double Oaks Pool.  A $5,000 reward is being offered in the case.

Marine Commission Backs Ramsey Creek Swimming Beach

Jun 11, 2014
David Boraks/

Lake Norman Marine Commissioners on Monday unanimously endorsed to Mecklenburg County’s plans to construct a public swimming beach at Ramsey Creek Park. County officials at the meeting said the project still needs state and federal approval, but that it’s on track for summer 2016 opening – if not sooner.

Lake Norman Has Its Own Monster Myth

Nov 29, 2013

You’ve heard of the Loch Ness monster, but did you know that Lake Norman has its very own mythological monster? And his name is Normie.

Earlier this month, filmmakers of the History channel show, MonsterQuest, visited Lake Norman to check out the myth for a new series called Boogeymen. Matt Myers has been tracking fishing tales and monster sightings for much longer. He runs the website, and he joined WFAE’s Ben Bradford to discuss Normie.

'Solace' For Afghani Kids In Lake Norman

Jul 25, 2013
Tasnim Shamma

This week, about 20 kids from Afghanistan are flying back home after spending six weeks in the Lake Norman area. They were here to get medical treatment they otherwise would not have received. Some have sustained war wounds from roadside bombs and others suffer from chronic illness. While here, the kids stay with host families.

Here’s an update on a story we brought you a couple of weeks ago, about plans for a public swimming beach on Lake Norman, at Ramsey Creek Park in Cornelius. It now appears that the new beach may not be open in Summer 2014, as originally reported.

Commissioner Karen Bentley said Tuesday that Mecklenburg Parks & Recreation officials have told her it could be 2016 before a swimming area is open at Ramsey Creek Park, though she says even that is a “fluid date. ”

no swimming sign at Ramsey Creek

After a longtime ban, public swimming will return to a Mecklenburg County park on Lake Norman next year. Our news partner reports that a new public swimming area at Ramsey Creek Park in Cornelius could open as early as a year from now, in Summer 2014. 

Slideshow: Charlotte Asian Dragon Boat Festival

May 6, 2013
Tasnim Shamma

 Thirty-seven teams competed for the top spot at the eighth annual dragon boat festival in Cornelius on Saturday. The teams consisted of up to 20 people and included three rounds of 200-meter races.  Wells Fargo Aquabeasts (Team I) took home the top prize. 

    See the full results here

Lake Norman Fishing Guide Weighs In On PCB Advisory

Apr 12, 2013
nilsrinaldi, Flickr

If you fish on Lake Norman, you may have heard about a new warning this week from state and county health officials. They advise most people not to eat striped bass from the lake more than once a week, and for pregnant women and children to avoid the fish altogether. It’s because they’ve detected PCB’s in the fish. These chemicals, once common industrial lubricants, were banned in 1979 because they were found to cause birth defects and to be a likely cause of cancer. PCB’s have been a problem in other bodies of water for years, but this is the first warning about them in Lake Norman. So we called Captain Gus Gustafson. He’s been taking people fishing on Lake Norman for more than 20 years.


The top headline in the October 1st, 1959, Mecklenburg Gazette proclaims “Great Economic Progress is Seen.” A few days earlier, Gov. Luther Hodges visited the Catawba River to set off the first dynamite blast for construction of the Cowan’s Ford Dam – the site of a Revolutionary War battle.

The writer of the story called it the “beginning of a new era in the history of the Catawba River Valley.”

No kidding.

Mecklenburg County is lifting its 30-year ban on public swimming at Lake Norman - possibly by the summer of 2015.

Currently only people with boats or lakefront property have access to swim. A series of drowning deaths in the 1970's prompted the swimming ban.

"Over the past few years there's been a lot of growing requests and need and recognition that 'Yes, we need to have public swimming on our lakes,'" says Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Deputy Director Michael Kirschman. "We have three major lakes - all in Mecklenburg County - with no public swimming facilities."