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Veronica Bernal of the Workers Defense Project spoke at a rally outside the Government Center Monday night.
David Boraks / WFAE

Local construction workers and labor advocates were at the Charlotte City Council Monday night seeking better working conditions. They want the council to require developers to disclose labor practices when they apply for approval of their projects.

Postal Workers Fear Expansion Of Staples Pilot Program

Apr 24, 2014
Tasnim Shamma

About two dozen Postal Service employees protested uptown today because they fear more of their work will be outsourced to Staples.

The protest was in response to a comment made by the Postmaster General, in which he said he was so pleased with a pilot program with Staples that he would like to see a post office counter in all 1,500 Staples stores.

South Carolina's Growing Importance To Boeing

Nov 6, 2013

Boeing is reported to be in the final stages of negotiating with the machinists union to build its new passenger plane in the Seattle area, rather than North Charleston as some had speculated. Nevertheless, South Carolina's importance to Boeing's business is growing.

Charlotte City Workers Push For Union Rights

Aug 7, 2012
Julie Rose / WFAE

Charlotte sanitation workers held the first of four rallies last night timed to pressure city leaders into giving their labor union more recognition. They want more pay raises, better working conditions and regular meetings between union leaders and city officials. 

North Carolina has the lowest union rate in the nation, with just 3.5 percent of workers in a union. Now a measure in Congress called the Employee Free Choice Act could dramatically change the labor balance in North Carolina. That has led interest groups on both sides of the labor debate to ramp-up their rhetoric.