Joseph Bathanti


Apr 24, 2014
Aravind Sivaraj / Wikimedia

Entering, through the medium
of memoria, achieves the parable

of Proust: the aroma
of Italianata, opera of olfactory,

blood–gnosis spinning me back
over these scored plank floors

grouted with appassionata
to Sundays after Mass fifty years ago,

when Larimer Avenue was Paradiso
and my parents held the hands

of my sister and me as we processed
along Labriola’s aisles

of melanzano, romas, Fiorella
pears, pews of garlic, basilico.

Maria Roselina

Apr 17, 2014
Paolo Piscolla

There is a moment Sunday,
an inexplicable instant of clarity
and purpose the dying often summon,
when my mother extends a hand through the mist,
lifts off her bed and makes for the kitchen.

On a marble slab, she mixes egg and flour,
salt and water, rolls flat the shroud of dough,
snips it into tagliatelle,
and covers it with a sheet.

Even the rain halts and the sun appears
to allow her passage into the garden
for Romas, parsley,
garlic and basilico.


Apr 14, 2014

So many times I've witnessed this
that familiarity is not the word

to conjure my mother's taking up of the breast-
shaped purple blackness, her paring

knife commencing from the areola,
strokes of peel stripping away into the sink

until the corpuscular fruit is nude
and ready to be sliced. In the colander

she tiers the rounds, salting each layer
to draw out the bitter water, and weights

them down with a piece of heart-
shaped iron with which her tailor father pressed.

They sit on the counter all day:
the eggplant with the heart pressing on them,

the water in the pan beneath
turning red.

Sensoria/School of Rock

Apr 9, 2014

Part One

The Sensoria Festival at Central Piedmont Community College began as the CPCC Literary Festival some 20 years ago, hosting literary giants and up and comers from around the world. This year, two of the major  speakers for the festival include poets- one is North Carolina’s Poet Laureate who spends a lot of time working with veterans, and the other was the poet for President Obama’s 2013 Inauguration. We’ll meet them and hear how each use poetry to help bring attention to issues about which they feel strongly.