James Polk

Joseph McGill of Charleston, S.C., runs the Slave Dwelling Project.
Slave Dwelling Project

What would it be like to spend a night seeing life through the eyes of the enslaved? A program this weekend at the President James K. Polk historic site in Pineville will give a few people a chance to stay overnight in slave quarters. It's part of a seven-year quest by Joseph McGill of Charleston, SC. It's called the Slave Dwelling Project, and it aims to preserve slave quarters. McGill talked to WFAE's David Boraks about the project. 

Michael Femia / Flickr

You may have heard a few months ago the James K. Polk Historic site in Pineville was closing due to cuts.  Indeed, it is not.

Supporters were so effective at getting the word out about the threatened closures, that the site’s managers worry people are staying away because they assume it got the budget axe.