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11:41 pm
Wed April 1, 2015

Updated Count Provides More Information About Charlotte's Chronically Homeless

Volunteers in uptown Charlotte for a 3-day count of homeless people, January 29, 2015.
Credit Duncan McFadyen

A count of chronically homeless people in Charlotte this year turned up 516 people in need of help. For three days in January, a couple hundred volunteers fanned out to search streets, parks, shelters, hospitals, jails and homeless camps. Among the people they found was Al Gorman, living in a tent in Huntersville. Since then, the Urban Ministry Center has helped him find a place to live.

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Local News
4:37 pm
Tue February 3, 2015

Volunteers Look For Chronically Homeless In Charlotte

Volunteers search for homeless people in uptown Charlotte before dawn on January 29, 2015.
Credit Duncan McFadyen

Volunteers hit the streets of uptown Charlotte last week to count the number of homeless people in the city. It’s part of an annual, nationwide count. But in Charlotte this year, organizers expanded the count from 24 hours to three days. Their goal is to identify homeless people who need the most help. 

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Local News
9:22 am
Wed January 7, 2015

Supportive Housing Effort Aims To Help 450 Chronically Homeless

Carl Caldwell
Credit Gwendolyn Glenn

Charlotte’s Urban Ministry Center is heading a coalition that aims to raise nearly $12 million to house 450 chronically homeless people within two years. 

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10:01 am
Tue December 16, 2014

Speak Up Magazine: Giving A Voice To Charlotte's Homeless

Tom Costantini is a vendor for Speak Up Magazine. He waits for customers in Uptown.
Credit Sarah Delia

An organization in Charlotte is trying to help the homeless in a different way. Speak Up Magazine is a group that gives people living on the streets not just a job, but a chance to tell their story.

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5:46 pm
Mon September 22, 2014

More Than 10,000 Sign Up For Affordable Housing Waitlist

A screenshot of an informational video explaining how to apply to get onto the waitlist for the Housing Choice Voucher.
Credit Tasnim Shamma

The Charlotte Housing Authority opened its waitlist for Section 8 housing for the first time in seven years and it has already received more than 10,000 applications.

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10:16 am
Fri February 14, 2014

Homeless In The Storm

Credit Ben Bradford / WFAE

During this week’s snowstorm, officials repeated one piece of advice more than any other: stay home. But not everyone has a home.

WFAE’s Ben Bradford visited a Red Cross warming center where nearly 200 people spent the night Wednesday, and then had to leave.

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Local News
4:25 pm
Mon September 23, 2013

162 Homeless People Housed In 100 Days

Nonprofit and government agencies serving the homeless population in Charlotte have quietly accelerated their efforts in the last three months – aiming to house 100 people in 100 days.  They exceeded that goal.

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Local News
9:15 am
Mon August 26, 2013

United Way Push To Coordinate Help For Homeless

A volunteer collects information during a count of Charlotte's homeless population.
Credit Julie Rose

Say you’re homeless and you’re looking for help.  There are a lot of places in the Charlotte region that offer it.  But some of them only help women, or men, or veterans, or domestic violence victims.  United Way is part of an effort to get these groups to coordinate better so that it’s easier to match homeless people with the help they need. 

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Choral Mass For the Homeless
12:00 pm
Fri November 18, 2005

Choral Mass For the Homeless

(11/17/05) Thursday and Sunday, Charlotte's Carolina Voices will perform an original score for its Thanksgiving concert. The score of the "Beatitude Mass" will highlight homelessness. WFAE's Simone Orendain spoke with the California-based composer Henry Mollicone about the choral work.