Opera Carolina’s Tosca And Historic Salisbury

Oct 5, 2012

Part One: Opera Carolina’s Tosca   Opera Carolina’s season opens next week with Puccini’s Tosca. The classic was last performed in 2005 in Charlotte, and this production features new scenery, staging and an all-star cast. We’ll be joined by Maestro James Meena and two of the stars of Tosca to talk about this classic work and about performing works like it around the world.

Author Kevin Duffus On The Real Blackbeard

Oct 2, 2012
Wikipedia Commons

Almost 300 years ago, Blackbeard the Pirate ran aground off the coast of North Carolina and, to this day, treasure hunters believe there is a rich trove of pirate's booty hidden somewhere in the state. Historian and author Kevin Duffus believes he has found Blackbeard's treasure, but it's not the form of riches you might imagine and you won't find it in history books. Duffus will join us to paint a detailed picture of Blackbeard's impact on the state, the real treasure he sought and a glimpse into a pirate's life that may surprise you.

Native American Trail Trees (Rebroadcast)

Oct 1, 2012

It has been hundreds of years since the intersection of Trade and Tryon was a place where two Native American trading paths crossed but signs of that ancient network of tribal travel and culture are all around us. Right now, two men, among others, are in the midst of mapping the main travel routes of the Cherokees and other tribes as well as the guideposts they used. Many of the guideposts are trees and we'll learn about efforts to preserve them.

The History Of Davidson (Rebroadcast)

Sep 27, 2012

Charlotte is more than just one city, it is a region comprised of many cities and towns and one of them, Davidson, is now the subject of a book chronicling the history of the town. One Town, Many Voices is the work of Davidson College Professor of History, Ralph Levering, and college Archivist Jan Blodgett and incorporates the experiences and voices of a wide range of people. The authors share what they've learned about Davidson - from its beginnings.

Using 21st Century technology to learn about historic Charlotte, and then, the American Presidential Experience visits the Queen City.

A History of Piedmont Airlines

Aug 16, 2012

Charlotte was the first and most successful hub of Piedmont Airlines, once a very prominent airline. The airline enjoyed a decades-long reputation for quality, and when it was purchased by US Airways in the late 80’s, a nostalgia for Piedmont Airlines began and hasn’t faded away yet. Quite the contrary. In the last few years, our guest today has written a book and produced a documentary about the airline, and transportation and aviation museums around the region have dedicated significant space to the history of Piedmont Airlines.