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10:51 am
Mon August 4, 2014

Historic "Hunger Games" Village Overrun With Visitors and Vandals

At one point, all the doors in the village were screwed shut and the windows boarded, but visitors and tourists have forced doors open and smashed in windows.
Nick de la Canal/WFAE

Henry River Mill Village is a historic cotton mill company town built in the early 1900s about an hour outside of Charlotte. Historians have hailed it as one of Burke County’s most historically intact examples of a small company village that fueled the Industrial Revolution. But a new generation is becoming fascinated with the village for another reason: its role as District 12 in the 2012 blockbuster film, the Hunger Games.

Today, tourists are flocking to see a piece of film history, and while it’s given a boost to the county’s tourism industry, not everyone is happy with all the attention.

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5:02 pm
Fri August 2, 2013

The James K. Polk Site Is Still Open

Credit Michael Femia / Flickr

You may have heard a few months ago the James K. Polk Historic site in Pineville was closing due to cuts.  Indeed, it is not.

Supporters were so effective at getting the word out about the threatened closures, that the site’s managers worry people are staying away because they assume it got the budget axe. 

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