Farming in the Carolinas

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Two of Donald Trump's promises have caught the attention of employers in the agriculture industry. First his promise to deport millions of immigrants in the country illegally, and second, his promise to investigate visa programs that bring foreign workers into the U.S.

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North Carolina was once a top wine producer - until Prohibition killed the industry. But it's growing again. The North Carolina Wine & Grape Council says the state now has 186 wineries and adds about a dozen new ones a year. Dover Vineyards in Concord is one of those startups.

SC Governor Haley Vetoes $40 Million In Farm Aid

May 16, 2016
S.C. Agriculture Department

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley vetoed a bill today to give farmers $40 million for help recovering from historic flooding over the fall. Governor Haley says it's unfair that farmers would get help unavailable to other small businesses.

S.C. Agriculture Department

Historic rainfall is making this a grim year for one of the biggest industries in the Carolinas: farming. Just when fall crops were ready to harvest, catastrophic floods drowned fields and sidelined farm workers. Some in South Carolina say their losses are so severe that they may go out of business.

North Carolina's Alpaca Scene

Feb 24, 2014
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Alpacas—the smaller, South American cousins of the llama—provide fleece for all kinds of knitted goods. The number of alpacas, and alpaca farms, has steadily grown since Americans began importing the animal for its fleece in the 1980s. North Carolina is part of this trend even though its climate is not ideal for alpacas.

In Carolinas, Heavy Rains Wash Out Farmers' Crops

Aug 26, 2013
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Rotten peaches, drowned tobacco, moldy wheat and waterlogged watermelons.

Those are a few examples of how heavy rains in the Carolinas are decimating crops. Farmers are dealing with some of the wettest weather they've ever had, and all that rain is washing out a sizable chunk of the Southern economy.