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More dogs are showing up on college campuses – and not just service dogs. Some students want to bring comfort pets to campus because they say they need them, and federal housing laws require colleges to make exceptions to their no-pet policies for these students.

CMS will likely see some changes on how students are assigned to schools in the next couple years. The question is how big these changes will be. The school board is still formulating ideas behind a student assignment plan. And parents and community members have jumped into the conversation, hoping to influence the direction the board takes. WFAE will hold a live public conversation on student assignment tonight at 7:00.

WFAE’s Lisa Worf joins Morning Edition host Marshall Terry now to discuss.

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Governor McCrory is proposing an average pay raise of 5 percent for teachers next year. The governor revealed a list of education budget priorities in a speech in his hometown of Jamestown Tuesday.

The CMS student assignment debate has generated a lot of discussion. School board meetings have been packed. Board members have also hosted forums in their own districts. We recently aired a discussion from one meeting in north Mecklenburg. Now we hear from a forum at West Charlotte High School.

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Project LIFT plans to continue working with West Charlotte High School and the schools that feed into it for at least a sixth year. 

The schools have seen only slight improvements in test scores since Project LIFT started nearly four years ago. But the group of philanthropists and community members say they’ve seen enough positive results to believe giving the strategies more time to develop will lead to strong outcomes.


A plan by state lawmakers to reroute lower-performing students otherwise bound for UNC schools through community college has garnered a lot of concern from university leaders. NC GAP is aimed at making it cheaper for students to get a college diploma. A recent report compiled by both systems found it would do that, but would also likely result in fewer students graduating with bachelor’s degrees. 

CMS student assignment discussions have prompted three town councils to weigh in on the matter. Cornelius, Davidson, and Huntersville have passed resolutions that every student should be guaranteed a seat in a school close to home. This week, Matthews’ council took it a step further.    

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UNC System President Margaret Spellings took a tour or UNC Charlotte’s campus Monday and talked to students as part of her promise to visit all system campuses when she was hired.

North Carolina’s charter school law doesn’t get much more basic than this: all charters must be operated by a board that has federal tax-exempt status. Charlotte Choice Charter lost that status recently. That earned the school the scrutiny of the state’s charter advisory board Tuesday. 


UNC-Chapel Hill will pay a $1 million penalty for exceeding the system’s cap on out-of-state students. The Board of Governors approved the fine at its meeting Friday.