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Blended Duke/Progress Fleets Bring Savings

Aug 16, 2012

The merger between Duke and Progress Energy is still under investigation by state regulators, but that hasn't stopped the companies from moving ahead with the marriage.

They're actually obligated to start generating significant savings for customers right off the bat. Much of those savings originate in a heavily-secured room full of computer screens at Duke's Uptown headquarters.

As marriages go, Duke and Progress are a blended family in the Carolinas, not unlike the Brady Bunch.

Duke CEO Reassures Florida Regulators

Aug 13, 2012

Duke CEO Jim Rogers again took questions from regulators today - this time in Florida, where the company now has a presence thanks to its merger with Progress Energy.

Duke CEO Reassures Florida Regulators

Aug 13, 2012

Duke CEO Jim Rogers again took questions from regulators today - this time in Florida, where the company now has a presence thanks to its merger with Progress Energy. Compared to the tense grilling Jim Rogers took from North Carolina Utilities Commissioners last month, the Florida meeting was a breeze. The difference is that North Carolina Utility regulators are actually investigating Duke Energy's merger with Progress. 

Duke Energy has given thousands of internal documents and emails to North Carolina utility regulators in an ongoing investigation over the company's recent merger with Progress Energy. North Carolina Utilities Commissioners are trying to figure out if Duke Energy misled them in pushing for approval of the merger with Progress Energy and then abruptly ousting the company's would-be-CEO. 

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The outspoken watchdog group NC WARN has begun a legal effort to have state regulators retract approval of the merger between Duke and Progress Energy.

The North Carolina Utilities Commission is already taking a second look at the Duke/ Progress merger in light of the company's last-minute change of CEO.

But NC WARN would like the whole thing reopened, which would force Duke to justify the merger again, and give regulators the option of rejecting it.

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About three dozen people gathered outside the Duke Energy shareholder meeting to protest various practices of the company. Here Shaun Ridgway with Occupy Raleigh/Greenpeace speaks to those assembled. 

Charlotte police geared up for large protests at the Duke Energy annual shareholder meeting uptown this morning. In the end, police far outnumbered the 35 or so activists who gathered outside the meeting and reported no incidents, despite the city invoking a special enforcement ordinance in anticipation of unruly crowds.

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The big protests Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police prepared for at Duke Energy's annual meeting this morning never materialized. Police officers out-numbered the few dozens activists who showed up at Duke's headquarters. The real action happened at Duke's Marshall Steam Station in Mooresville. Just as the company's annual shareholder meeting got underway, four people affiliated with Greenpeace locked themselves to the tracks in front of a train full of coal bound for the Marshall Steam Station.

Previewing Duke Energy's Shareholder's Meeting

May 3, 2012

MARSHALL: Duke Energy shareholders will gather in Charlotte this morning for their annual meeting. If company officials had their way, this meeting would not be happen. At least not as a meeting of only Duke Energy shareholders. The plan was for this to be the first annual meeting of the newly-married Duke and Progress Energy. But 2011 did not go as the companies planned. For a recap of the year, I'm joined by WFAE's Julie Rose.

Julie Rose / WFAE

Today we have the last story in our three part series "Public versus Private: Power Struggle on the Yadkin." As it flows from the Appalachian Mountains, the Yadkin River turns into the Pee-Dee and continues to the Atlantic. Along the way it supplies water to millions of people. Alcoa's effort to secure another 50-year hydropower license on the river has brought it into the spotlight. So has the state's recent drought. WFAE's Julie Rose considers the broader impacts of the Yadkin dispute on North Carolina's rivers.

Duke Power Names New President

Dec 20, 2005

(12/20/05) Duke Power Monday announced Group Vice President Ellen Ruff would head its new company once a pending merger is completed with Cinergy Corp. WFAE's Simone Orendain talked with Ruff.