Local News
2:49 pm
Mon August 20, 2012

CMS Police Go Door-To-Door Uptown

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Law Enforcement vehicle.

Police officers with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District are going door-to-door Uptown giving parents the run-down on bus changes and security restrictions during the Democratic National Convention.

CMS Police Chief Bud Cesena says the first week of September will pose some challenges for the 372 students and their families who live inside the I-277 loop.

"Some bus stops - because they're in the hot zone - won't exist any more," says Cesena. "So we're making sure the children and their parents know exactly where to go."

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DNC 2012
12:00 am
Wed August 15, 2012

Booking Leftover DNC Rooms

The DNC originally blocked off 15,000 rooms for the week of the convention, and it announced Tuesday that 93 percent of those rooms have been booked. Overall, 7 percent is a small margin.

But releasing those rooms—a little over 1,000 in all—also means that some hotels beyond the 485 loop are left scrambling to recoup what could be a huge loss.

The Hampton Inn in Salisbury blocked out 80 percent of its rooms for the DNC to help Charlotte secure the bid for the convention. When the DNC released the hold on Monday, none of those rooms had been booked.

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City Settles On Route For DNC Protest Marches
1:00 pm
Wed June 6, 2012

City Settles On Route For DNC Protest Marches