Dental education and regular dental care are important factors in keeping our bodies healthy. Poor dental health can create problems ranging from gingivitis to heart disease. According to a recent Pew study, half of all kids enrolled in North Carolina’s Medicaid program did not receive dental care in 2011. While there are many factors keeping the underserved from seeking dental care, one of the most notable is a nationwide shortage of dentists and dental hygienists. A conversation about access to dentistry and oral health, when Charlotte Talks.

Dentist Shortage A State, National Issue

Jun 25, 2013

In North Carolina, about half of all kids enrolled in Medicaid did not receive dental care in 2011. That's nothing to brag about, but it's in line with the national average, according to a Pew study released Tuesday

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State Fights Tooth Decay But Fails Report

Jan 15, 2013
North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

Sink your teeth into this: about half of all children will have tooth decay before the age of 12. A common procedure called a dental sealant can extract most of that risk. But a new report gives North Carolina, along with only five other states, an “F” for its use of dental sealants. The failing mark stems partially from the lack of sealants administered in high need schools, but also specific grading criteria that state officials say does not score North Carolina’s accomplishments.