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9:37 am
Mon June 3, 2013

Forget 'Buffy', A Local Writer's Spin On A Vampire Slayer

"When writers create worlds, it's always imaginary even if it's modern day Charlotte," says local writer Faith Hunter. "The restaurants change, the stop signs change...I get to go a whole lot farther with my make believe than the average person."
Briana Duggan

If you saw Wonder Woman or Frodo Baggins near the university area this weekend, don't worry, it wasn't your eyes. It was probably someone from ConCarolinas, a sci-fi and fantasy convention that attracted about 1,300 filmmakers, writers, and enthusiasts.

Some writers didn't have to travel far. WFAE's Briana Duggan profiles a Charlotte-based writer who has found quite a following, thanks to one shape-shifting Cherokee vampire slayer.

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