Coalition to March on Wall Street South

Julie Rose

Some 800 protesters marched for more than three hours in scorching heat through Uptown Charlotte Sunday chanting for a variety of social and environmental reforms. It was a smaller turnout than organizers had hoped and easily controlled by hundreds of police officers. There were only two arrests.

The entire day was highly-choreographed by protesters and police.

A Look At The March On Wall Street South

Sep 3, 2012
Briana Duggan

The people participating in Sunday's March on Wall Street South represented many views. We have these photos and a video of some of those diverse prostests.

Protesters at the March on Wall Street South created many issue based chants for the DNC. In this video the Grier Heights Community Steppers  share some of theirs.

DNC Time: Protests Lead The Way

Aug 31, 2012
Julie Rose

Official DNC activities kick off with a street festival Monday Uptown. But protest activity will be underway even before then.  WFAE's Julie Rose will be following the action in the streets all week and joins  Morning Edition Host Duncan McFadyen for a preview.

McFadyen: When and where do we expect to see the largest protests?

City Settles On Route For DNC Protest Marches

Jun 6, 2012